Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Gift of Teaching:The Joy of Doing What I Do!

Today, I am going to put on my blinders.

I am going to, for the moment, forget all that plagues public education.

Teaching is a gift.

Not a gift, as in, this is my calling (although I do believe it is), but a gift as in a present to and for me.:) It is indeed a gift to do what I do.

Where else can I shake my booty to "OMG, It's the weekend", as we all dance to the Morning Meeting circle?

Crack up at corny jokes?

Come up with different ways to snap for correct answers?

Get, and give, hugs ?

Laugh, smile, play, run, and jump?

Watch a child's eyes light up because they "got it"?

Turn a frown upside down with a hug or few words?

Use the "thumbs up" sign and not feel like a dork?

View the world from a child's viewpoint?

Feel excitement as students are engaged in a project, or solving a problem?

Be a momma, daddy, psychologist, and a slew of other jobs ?

Feel pride, as they use all their skills, and guess that Mystery state or country?

Give high 5's that do not feel corny?

Help someone make better choices?

Bring a story to life, along with the joy of reading?

Watch a child beam when they go from frustrated to successful?

Open up the world, via Skype?

Have 20+ children every year?

Create a bond that may last forever?

Be part of the lives of so many people, big and small?

Have a different type of day, every single day?

Not worry about brain cells dying?

The gift of teaching.. a priceless present!

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