Sunday, May 3, 2015

A "QR Code" Mother's Day Card:Combining Tech + Traditional!


My class and I decided to mix poetry,(April is National Poetry Month),and tech when we made a card for the school secretary.

I suggested that this would also be a great idea to use with a Mother's Day card.

They agreed!

Here is the layout we decided on:

1st page - What else but Happy Mother's Day?! (Had to remind them to use that apostrophe.)

2nd OR 3rd page - depending on student choice - Students typed the poem using the given format. The students glued a copy of the poem they wrote for their Mom on the page. Most of the students chose the cinquain format. Short, BUT, very, very, sweet.I wish I had a color printer, (Hmmm....Donor's Choose?), or a color copier. The poem still looked good printed in black and white.

2nd OR 3rd page -The QR code. The QR code is a presentation of the poem. It could be presented as a recorded video.(Which will be uploaded to our Youtube channel.) It could also be a Voki,(If the device does not have Flash, it will not display), or a Tellagami, it's the student's choice.

Unfortunately, the secretary didn't have a Smartphone, but my kids' Moms do.

This was a great stress reliever after testing! 

Students really enjoyed making the cards!

Can't wait to hear the reaction from the parents!:)

Please add any suggestions!