Sunday, December 1, 2013

Productive Parent - Teacher Conferences: A P/T Form That Helps!

Year after year, I have tried to find a way to make my conferences more productive. I had attempted to find a way to share information with my parents so they had a clear understanding of where their child is. I had always felt frustrated, when after a parent had gone , and I would think, “Oh, I forgot to tell her/him….”  

A few years ago I created a form based on  some of the questions from a worksheet that my  Phi Delta Kappa sorer shared with me. There have been some revisions over the last two years, and I am sure there will be more.  The  first question I asked  is ” What are your concerns or comments?” This allowed my parents a chance to voice their concerns first.
We completed the form, using the questions to guide the conference and open discussion between myself and the parent. I felt that the form  answered questions parents have, but  forget or don’t think to ask. 

The following marking period, I reviewed  the first form with the parent, to see how it compared to the current marking period. 

After the form was completed, the parent signed it, providing not only a written document of what we discussed, but a guide for the parent.

When I used the form,  the conference moved along smoothly.  It is important to remember that it is a guide, not the end all and be all of the conference. I tried typing this year, but I gave up after the first parent. I didn't feel as if I was giving them my full attention. I kept the original, and sent a signed copy home to the parent. 

As a parent, I know conferences are not always easy, especially if the child is not doing well. Hopefully, my form made it easier to focus on  the purpose of the conference. Bringing together the parent and the teacher, in a productive atmosphere, to do whats best for their child and my student!

 Parent/Teacher Conference Form

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