Monday, February 15, 2021

"Outside the Topic" Student Connections in a Virtual World.

It's funny how students take things you say every day and turn it into "a thing."

Every morning I share the Morning Meeting slide with my class. (I tweaked someone else's template).I always try to connect the topic to the National Day or things that are going on in the world.  In order to give my class a chance to talk about what they want to talk about, I would say,"Who has something to share outside of the topic?

Well, one day, I forgot to say this."Ummm, Mrs.Mims, we didn't share outside the topic!" 

And thus, "Outside the Topic" was born.

Student voice. Student Choice.

In this virtual world, we have to give them something. 

Give them a chance to talk about anything, and (almost)everything, they want.
From the heartwrenching share about a mom's battle with thyroid cancer, watching the basement renovation unfold with daily updates, as well as listening to the devastation caused by fallng into lava and losing everything!  (Minecraft,people😀). He cried that night,but then he got over it by playing a different game.

It's just a way, every day, for my kids to be themselves.

A way we can connect, outside the topic.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

We Are Not Superheroes, We Are Teachers.(Poem dedicated to teachers everywhere!)

I tell you, Amanda Gorman, really inspired me. I haven't written a poem in years!

We are not  Superheroes.

We cannot leap 

Tall buildings in a single bound.

But, we can leap over obstacles

placed in the way

Of us "being best".

We cannot run at the speed of light.

But, watch how quickly we can


Virtual, Hybrid, Face to Face.

We do not have laser beams that shoot from our eyes.


These eyes. 

Can shoot



Smiles, you can't see behind a mask.

They can convey

"Excuse me?" 

In any language.

We don't have super hearing.

But, we could hear our teaching career calling from far, far away.

These ears always hear what was said, even if it's muttered.

We can't lift a car.

But we can lift our students,

so that they meet our



highest expectations.

Lift them out of whatever they may be feeling, 

that has them down.

If even for a moment.

Our body is not impervious to weapons.

But, foolishness from




And those who know absolutely nothing about teaching?

We let it bounce off and come back stronger.

We are not SuperHeroes. 

We don't wear, or need, a cape.

We can suffer... emotionally and physically,

Just like you.

We are not your SuperHeroes.


Written by Lisa Mims