Sunday, September 27, 2015

Google Voice Typing- YES! or BOO!?

When Google Voice Typing was announced all over the Blogosphere, I rejoiced!
And just like a teacher, I thought about how I could use this in my classroom, and I was happy.
I introduced it to my class the other day, and they were happy.

BUT, now I'm thinking... am I interfering with their ability to learn how to write?
Am I interfering with their ability to navigate a keyboard?
What about spelling? Will it help them become better/worse spellers?

I guess this is one of those Pros and Cons type of things...

I'e watched students struggle to write a single sentence. It wasn't because they didn't know what to write, it's because they couldn't write.

I think about all those assignments that take forever to turn in because the kids have to type them.
And I mean forever!

The other day, a student who is usually very, very, quiet surprised me. First, he said, "Mrs.M, don't forget to turn off the speaker, because otherwise it will type anything you say." Loved that he discovered it, love even more that he decided to share this, out loud. When he was finished "voice typing' his story, which by the way, he had already written in his notebook, he came up to my desk, HUGE smile, to tell me his story was published, and how happy he was with Google Voice typing!

I think I will still have my students, who are capable of writing, write their stories in their notebooks, and then "voice type" them. The ones who can't write, they can use "voice type" from the beginning. It's difficult for me to think that they should sit and struggle to write 3 sentences, when they could "write" 2 paragraphs in that time.

I'm going to have to give Google Voice Typing a YES! 
Your thoughts?????

Now let me go and work on my Great American Novel, it should be out next week! :)