Friday, August 16, 2013

"Where I'm From" Using Poetry as an Introduction!(Back to School)

A teacher on Edmodo suggested this activity as a way to begin the year. I agree. It's not only a wonderful way for you to get to know your students, but it gives you insight into how they write without the pressure of a prompt. (Hopefully,"What I Did On My Summer Vacation" writing assignment has gone the way of the dinosaur.)

My intention is to use Google Docs to collaboratively brainstorm all the things we would want to tell people about ourselves. Then I will use the example that was written, and identify what we learned about the author from her poem. . In the end though, I want them to define it themselves. 

I will save these on Google, create a flipbook , or Book Creator, definitely find a way to present it as a class project. 
I don't expect this to be done in one day. I hope my students will learn more about themselves as they write, so I, and the other students can understand who, and why, they are. I will also revisit their poems as we learn more about imagery and figurative language.

I created my own, "Where I'm From.."poem 
I'm from BROOKLYN.
I'm from Panamanians, who for a better life, immigrated to los Estados Unidos.
I'm from running, bike riding, handball until it hurts, darkness telling you it's time to go in.
I'm from reading on the porch, teased, face to face, not Facebooked.
I'm from wanting to be a teacher to being one, not playing when it comes to "my kids".
I'm from laying on the beach, warmth bathing my skin, laughter touching my heart.
I'm from singing God's praises loud enough for him to hear me.
I'm from mother of two handsome, strong-willed, hard-headed sons, wife to a strong man who loves me like a bee loves honey!
I'm from salsa, reggae, R & B, and Daddy's,(God bless his soul), Motown playing loudly every day.
I'm from Mommy raising 5 kids and not letting them know life for her wasn't a crystal stair.
I'm from lost deep in a good book. I.can't. hear. you.
I'm from National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa Inc./RHO Chapter, strutting like a peacock in my red and gold.
I'm from confident, yet, not conceited.
I'm from loving who I am!

photo credit: Paul Lowry via photopin cc


  1. Such a great project! I wonder if I could modify it for Grade 3's. If you didn't wan to use google docs you could use padlet too.

    1. Very true. Padlet would make it easy to see everyone's poetry. Thank you for sharing!