Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The New Teacher:What Can We Do to Help?

I spoke to the new 5th grade teacher today. I was part of the interview process and I was really impressed with her. She seemed like a great fit to our team, and after speaking to her today, our conversation helped reinforce that thought. Upon hearing that she was hired, I made sure my principal gave her my cell number so that she had the option to get in touch with me. She did. Good sign.:)

She is so excited! This will be her first year- long class. She is so excited!:) And terrified! I know how she feels. I still get that feeling. Not nearly as excited and terrified as she is, but every year is a new year, with a new adventure awaiting us. It's a lot easier when you have a year or two under your belt. It's a lot easier when you've had your "very own class" one or more times.

She asked a lot of good questions. I am going to go in one day to unpack my room, she'll be there, so that we can talk and plan. She wants to make sure she has the basics to get started.

What can we do to help the new teacher?

  • remember that we had to start somewhere. Don't judge. 
  • don't bring negativity and/or gossip to their classroom,Teacher's Lounge, or Happy Hour.
  • help in any, and all ways, that you can
  • share websites, lessons, routines, etc...
  • make yourself available
  • introduce them to Twitter #ntchat 
  • plan collaboratively 
  • give helpful advice
  • help them de-stress (especially since this profession can be overwhelming at times)
  • allow them the chance to learn, don't force ideas on them
  • listen
I am aware that I have to get my room ready, my plans done, my thoughts together. But since I've done this so many times before, I figured giving up some of my time to help the new teacher is a good thing.

I would love for new teachers to tell me how we can help! I would love to hear ideas from others how we can help.


  1. I appreciate your tips. It is easy for "seasoned" teachers to over "position" themselves. New teachers often are very positive and full of energy that all of us can feed off of.

    1. I agree. I love learning new things from a new teacher. They have ideas that I have not thought of!:)

  2. As a new teacher myself, I greatly appreciated reading this post! It is good to see veteran teachers excited about new team members, instead of seeing them as a nuisance. In response to your plea for ideas on how to help new teachers, I think that (for myself anyways) it is hard for those of us who are in our first year to decide exactly what to teach. I am 100% ready to go, but because there are so many things I want to impart upon my students, I have not solidified my exact curriculum yet. How did you get past the desire to teach EVERYTHING? Where did you start when deciding which pieces of knowledge were most important? And what is the most valuable advice you have gotten (or given) that you think new teachers should keep in mind when entering their first year?

    1. When I started teaching it was more difficult to decide what to teach. Where I teach, we are told what to teach, so that part is easy.:) My advice, make sure you establish yourself in your classroom. You don't have to be a "mean" teacher, but you want to make sure they understand your expectations in the classroom.