Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beginning of the Year Student and Parent Questionnaires using Google Forms!

I got the idea to create student and parent surveys from a teacher on Twitter a few years ago. I used to create them on paper, and then I was introduced to Google forms. Love it!

The student survey questions I use are more of a way to get to know my students. Last year, I posted it on our class website, and called it "Getting to Know You.". I will continue with that tradition because it worked well.The students completed the questionnaire on the first day of school.

The parent survey asks for basic information, but then I try to get them to tell me something about their children and what they want from me. I keep the questionnaire for parents very short because I know how they feel about their time. I have posted it on our Weebly page, and I will also send home an email with the link, and a written notice asking them to complete it.

I really enjoy using Google Forms because they are so easy to edit and share! Between now and the time school starts, if I come across questions someone else used, or think of one myself, and want to change it, it can be done in a flash! If you find you don't like your theme, change it! No fuss, no muss!

They also give you  insight into your students. I went back and reread last year's class "Getting to Know You" when I was creating the new one. It's funny reading it now that you know the kids.

 Below are the links to my student and parent questionnaire forms.

"Getting to Know You" Student Questionnaire       Parent Questionnnaire


  1. Looks like a great idea. I've never used it before. Does it have any collating abilities? Can it analyse any data that comes in?

  2. Yes it can That's another way I have used it with the students during the school year.