Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some "Truths" About Teaching!

Since I'm not at work because of Hurricane Sandy, it gave me some time to peruse Pinterest, and I came across this poster. I think it's funny.:)
It also made me think about some of the "truths" about teaching, especially if someone is choosing to go into this profession now. So, here are my "truths."

  • You can not go to the bathroom whenever you want. You will have to either hold it, or get someone to watch your class. Depending on how desperate you are, you will either run to the Teacher's bathroom, or use the student one. (I never use the student one unless there are no kids)
  • You will be thrown into a classroom and told to teach. Nowadays though, you don't have to worry too much, because they tell you what to teach, how long to teach it ("I hate you pacing guide!"), and when to teach it. Oh, and lest I forget, what to say while you are teaching it. ("Script, please!")
  • You will be unindated with paperwork. Tons and tons of paperwork. You will have to fill out attendance, field trip, DPAS, you name it, you fill it out. At least now, you fill it out electronically.
  • You will be judged by a walkthrough (in my district, it's 5 minutes), and/or an observation by your principal. The 45 minutes they spend in your room will determine whether you can teach, or not. If they really think you're horrible, then they will be in your room constantly looking for what you are doing wrong. (And don't get on an improvement plan, I've heard those are nightmares!)
  • You will attend endless, meaningless, workshops and staff meetings. We have a meeting every time I blink my eyes. PLC, Achievement Team, Curriculum Club, Committee, I can't go on. It's as if they think we will gather together and drink, instead of using that time to do something constructive in our classrooms.
  • Lunch will be on the go, unless you are fortunate to be at a school where lunch is an hour. (I used to work at a school like that.) By the time you get the kids to the lunchroom, or get ready for the rest of the day, your lunch period is over, done, gone!
  • Everyone is not going to like you. Parents, students, administration, or even other teachers. ("Que sera, sera.")
  • Another "new" thing will be thrown at you at least once a month. And do not believe the hype, "It's something you already do." Really? Then why the need to hold me captive, at yet another workshop or meeting, to tell me about it if I am already doing it?
  • Get ready to dig in your pocket. I always say I am not, but I always do. Every. single. year. I know I shouldn't, but....
  • No one understands what you do, but another teacher.
  • Some days you will just want to quit.
BUT... here are  positive "truths" about teaching!
  • Every day is a new and exciting day! Each day brings its own rewards and I am never bored.
  • You do make a difference. Even if it is one child, you have made a difference.
  • Teaching  can make you laugh, cry, or just plain, infuriate you, but it will most definitely bring you many warm and fuzzy, moments.
  • You get to see the look on a child's face when they "get it." ("Priceless!")
  • You come into contact with some wonderful people. Whether it's students, parents, administration, or your local (or worldwide) PLN!(Professional Learning Network)
  • Depending on  how you teach, it can be a lot of fun! 
  • It is an honorable profession. A profession that, no matter how much I gripe, I am proud to be a part of! :)


  1. But if this were taught in college, nobody would become teachers! LOL

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