Saturday, March 7, 2015

"It's a Small World"- The Power of Twitter!

Mariama is at Harvard in Massachusetts, and I am in Delaware.
We are over 300 miles away from each other.
We have never met.
Before Mariama tweeted this message, I did not know she existed.

Mariama's professor gave them an assignment.
Visit a Twitter chat, (Go professor!), see what it's all about and connect.
Find out how, and why, this teacher uses technology in their classroom.
Find out the impact of technology in the classroom.
I loved that her professor chose Twitter instead of, or in addition to, a textbook.

We connected.
We spent about 20 minutes discussing tech and Twitter.
I provided authentic, "real world"," in the classroom" information about integrating technology in the classroom.
I also explained how powerful my Twitter PLN and Twitter chats are, how they have impacted my classroom, and the way I teach.
How it has helped knock down my classroom doors, and has allowed my students to collaborate with students all over the country and world.

I hope Mariama came away with information that she could not get from a textbook.
I hope that when she becomes a teacher, she remembers that there is a whole world waiting to connect with her on Twitter. Educators who speak, not only of tech, but all issues that affect classrooms throughout the world.

The power of Twitter. Don't you love it?:)

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