Saturday, March 21, 2015

Foolproof Tips on Obtaining a GREAT Announced Teacher Observation!

I wasn't "feeling" observations, and this post popped into my head.

Spoiler Alert: Don't take me seriously!:)

1. Create a lesson you will never use again.
It's showtime! Create the ultimate lesson. Spend hours and hours creating the perfect 45 minute lesson. Make sure you have included all the strategies that are being used in that moment. Do things you usually don't in your classroom, like, when no one is watching.

2. Bribe and/or threaten your students.
Use whichever strategy you feel works best for you. You can say, "If you are all on your best behavior, I will give you extra Recess for an entire week!."  Or you can say, "If you all misbehave, you will miss Recess for a week!" Just choose the one you are comfortable with.

3.   Send kids to another classroom.
You don't want to send too many, because your administrator may notice. So, just pick the really, really, "bad" ones. You know, the ones that call out, can't sit still in their seats. Send them to your buddy teacher's class.Choose wisely because "acting out" students can make or break your evaluation. 

4. Practice the lesson the day before.
Practice the lesson with your students.  "Practice makes perfect." The last thing you want is your students showing any signs of confusion. Experienced teachers do not let that happen in their classroom,ever. Think about it. How many mistakes will you make the next day if the kids have already done the lesson? You can only get better the next day. Of course, you will have to revisit #2 because you don't want any of your students to say things like, "Mr. _______, didn't we do this yesterday?"

5. Do not waste any instructional time.
Make sure your students take out every single thing they are going to need. Make sure you have everything available at your fingertips that you are going to need. Real teachers are always prepared. Do not make the mistake of going off topic. If you have a student who is not ready, start without them! Hand out all papers before you begin the lesson. Those 2 minutes spent having one of your students do it, is a horrendous waste of instructional time. Every minute counts, well, except when you're wasting instructional time on hours and hours of test prep and testing.

6. Use technology.
Let's say you created a lesson, and  do not feel integrating technology would enhance understanding of the content. Use it anyway! Turn that Smartboard on, and do something on it! Make up something to do if you have to. Show a video, or let students come up and write on the board.That's always good for some brownie points.

7. Do anything and everything your administrator asks you to do.
This is always a good back-up plan. Your administrator will already love you, so you can do no wrong. Even if your lesson is horrible, there is a very good chance that you will still get an excellent evaluation!

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