Wednesday, March 6, 2013

They Say That School is a Bad Mother...I'm Talkin About Garfield High!

Well, we can dig it!

I admire the teachers of Garfield High so much! What they have done, are still doing is amazing! Not only amazing, but very brave. In the scheme of things, everyone might not see what they are doing as heroic.

However, as an educator, in this economy, in this toxic environment, the fact that these teachers stood up, and against, standardized testing by saying, "No, we won't!" is heroic in my eyes!

I wish I could be as brave as they are. I realize we each have our own level of bravery,of courage. I proudly pasted my sticker on my bumper. And no, I don't turn my car around,so that is hidden from the view of those entering the building. :)

We have our anonymous heroes, like Mr.Mell, who created the bumper sticker. People who are afraid of retribution because, face it, most of us need our jobs. Yet, even with that fear, they work anonymously to do what's right for our kids.

There are so many out there bravely fighting for our students and our schools, Opt Out of the State Test, Teachers Laugh, Diane Ravitch, Sabrina Stevens, the list is endless!

Our children are suffering because of the state tests. Low income neighborhoods are losing schools based on test scores. Teachers are teaching to the test. We are losing music, art, recess, all the "other" things that create a well-rounded human being.

Thanks Garfield High,for bringing this fight into the light, for having the courage. We all have to step up and be brave in some way, shape, or form. Even if it is just a bumper sticker. :)

That Garfield High is a bad mother
Shut your mouth!
But, I'm talking about Garfield
Well, we can dig it!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I'm a public school teacher who is an excellent test taker, and I despise high stakes standardized testing. It ruins some of my students' educations, quite literally. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the great resources in this post.