Friday, January 25, 2013

Photobiographies: Research with Photos!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Photobiography on PhotoPeach

This would work with any biography your students are working on. Each student can have their own Photopeach account or you can pay for a Class Premium account. (I won mine in a contest sponsored by DiscoveryEducation.)

All they have to do is upload the images onto Photopeach and voila! I made sure my students researched the topic first. After they wrote the events about Dr.King in sequential order, including dates, they were allowed to find images that matched their event.

They had a great time working on these! This is an example of one of them, Many of the students are still working on theirs and they will be embedded on their blogs.

Here's another tip. They can also turn their photoslides into quizzes, and they can be commented on if the slideshow is public.

Thinglink and Meogaph are two other interactive resources that would help engage and excite your students.

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