Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fabulous Phone Call!: Go Ahead, Make Their Day!

While attending the 2011 PLC summit, one of the presenters told us about an experience he had while watching Family Feud. The question was, “What is the reason your child’s teacher is calling your house?” Not one of the “right” answers were positive, not one! Two of the answers were, “Your kid is failing” and "Your kid skipped school”. These answers only served to reinforce the stereotype of parent/teacher communication; we’re the bearers of bad news. 

About two years ago, we had an idea forced on us by our former principal. An idea I actually grew to like. We were required, every Friday, to call a parent or two, and let them know something fabulous about their child. It was called "Fabulous Phone Call". It wasn't time-consuming, and there was no out-of pocket expense.

It’s exactly what the title implies,  a phone call to a parent, telling them how wonderful their child had been at some point during the week. I always tried to choose a child who was always fabulous, they deserved praise too, and a child who might have been struggling to be fabulous. The great part is that it’s not only about academics. Maybe the student showed improvement in behavior, grasped a concept, or helped a friend. There are so many benefits to the Fabulous Phone call, the most important being that it provides teachers a chance to positively communicate with our parents.

I usually began my phone calls like this, “Hello, this is Mrs.M; your child is not in trouble.” I try to get that in before, “What did he/she do?” Afterwards, we have an enjoyable conversation about their child, and it usually ends with many, many, thanks from the parent. I kept the phone call positive at all times. 

On Monday Morning, I would place a “Fabulous Phone Call” coupon on the child’s desk. The coupon stated, “Congratulations, you have received a Fabulous Phone Call!” Who knew a simple phone call could bring such joy?

I have to admit that since I first wrote this post in March 2011, later in the school year, I had become remiss in making my phone calls. However, last week, while digging in my desk, I found my Fabulous Phone Call Coupons. I am going to make sure, starting this week, that I begin making  my Fabulous Phone Calls again. We make time for so many other things, why not something with such a positive impact on our parents and students?

Pick a day, any day, and make a Fabulous Phone call to one of your students’ parents, and make their day! 

Scan to get file of coupon, or create your own!

Great article! : Power of Positivity: The Friday 5 - A principal documents the power of a positive phone call!


  1. This is great, we are being required to do 10 positive contacts a month and I really like this idea.

  2. I love this idea and am steal, er borrowing! right? Thank you for your ideas!