Friday, July 20, 2012

Jeopardy and Photopeach:Beginning of the Year Activities!

Pleasantville 2012-2013 Year Begins! - Jeopardy
I got this idea from the facilitator of a workshop I participated in last week. This is how she started the class, different categories of course, and I thought it was so cool! I asked her for a copy, and then realized I could use the online version of Jeopardy.  Of course, you can use whatever Jeopardy you are comfortable with. I really like this one because you can edit easily, download, and/or share it. I left Textbooks blank because I would love a category that is more fun and /or interesting. Any ideas?

Getting to Know Mrs.Mims! on PhotoPeach

My students loved this assignment! I used it during the 2011-2012. I think it is a wonderful way for them to get to know me beyond our classroom!(I do need to update it though)


  1. Love these ideas. Your photo peach is great! I think the kids could even make their own (maybe with fewer slides. Thanks for the inspiration and letting us get to know you!

    1. Thanks Nancy. My plan is to let the students make their own this year. I didn't do it last year. I think I am going to purchase the premium version of Photopeach.