Monday, June 25, 2012

Sir Ken Robinson:Do Schools Kill Creativity?

The story of the little girl who became a dancer because ADHD had not been "invented" really touched me. Too many of our children are labeled and medicated!

Sir Ken Robinson was the keynote speaker at ISTE12! Wish I could have been there!


  1. Labeled and medicated = diagnosed and helped. How can you judge people for getting help?
    My 1st grader has ADHD and is recently medicated. He tells me frequently that his medication "makes my brain not angry anymore". Medicated or not, he is the most creative child I know. The only difference is that now he can focus long enough to draw storybooks and build elaborate scenes with his Legos; before he couldn't draw a single picture or eat a meal in one sitting. Oh and he went from constantly frustrated and unable to carry on a 2way conversation to a super happy boy.
    In my research during his 2years of evaluation and diagnosis I learned that I also have ADHD. I have also started treatment and my life, and consequently the lives of my family members, have improved immensely.

  2. @Anonymous I can't speak for Sir Ken, but I am not saying never use medication. But, I have noticed that medication has become a solution to all problems. It is now being used as a classroom/home behavior management tool and that is not its purpose. I am glad that things out working out for you and your son!