Sunday, May 20, 2018

BINGO Math:"Education + Fun" Time for Everyone!

My sorors and I celebrated Founder's Day and when a bunch of educators get together, there are always games!

My soror created a BINGO game based on the history of our sorority, NSPDK, Inc., and it got me thinking. This would be great for my kiddos, especially since they were testing this week. I still wanted their minds in school mode, but I also wanted them to relax.

So, we had some "Educational fun" with these BINGO cards. The site I used is a BINGO card generator, so you are not limited to numbers, they offer a variety of ways to create cards.

Don't forget to provide something for them to mark their cards.I used cubes. Cut up the cards and draw them out randomly.

  • You might also think about letting one of the students call out the equations. (Or whatever your card depicts.). 
  • Give them ownership, let them create their own equations or expressions.

These are the equations I created to go along with my numbers, but let your imagination, or your students', go wild!:)

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