Thursday, April 30, 2015

"I Read to Write"Book Review!

When Zaner-Bloser asked me to preview their book, "I Read to Write:Responding to Sources", I was kind of wary. I am not a huge fan of workbooks. But you know teachers find it very difficult to say no to anything free.:)

It was a nice surprise though, AND my kids enjoyed them. Which of course is the most important part.
For those of us who have to give our kids standardized tests, this is a way to prepare them that goes down easier than worksheet after worksheet.

Here are the features I like:

  • Paperback, thin, and colorful!
  • They come in grade levels 2-6.
  • It covers three genres, Science, Social Studies, and Math.
  • The text sources really are high-interest, my students actually enjoyed reading them.
  • There are "sticky notes" on the side of each page. Wonderful way to teach my students how to take notes, a skill they will need for life, not just for testing.
  • The Read!(Text)Think!(MC and Open Response questions) Write! format.
  • TE has printable mini-lessons on academic and domain-specific vocabulary (Including Vocabulary lists and Flashcards) which can be found online.
  • Printable Graphic Organizers of all types (Compare and Contrast, Pro and Con, Main Idea, etc...)
  • Kid Friendly Rubric for students in the back of the book and one for the teachers to use when, (or if), grading
  • At the end of each genre the student chooses whether to write a narrative, article, or opinion essay, all with guided help via graphic organizers. (And you, of course). This lends itself to student choice, and the student is more invested. Of course, you can adapt the writing to fit your classroom.

I didn't use it as "test prep", although it can be used that way. We enjoyed the stories, practiced vocabulary, and wrote about interesting topics. I also let them take the books home and use for HW assignments.
Kid's Thoughts
"I think that "Read to Write" is amazing! It is a great way to learn things about history, Math, and Science and write about it!"

"I love "Read to Write!" It is a great way to review what you learned in class!"

If you are interested in checking out "I Read to Write", see the information provided by Zaner-Bloser below:

“I Read to Write” is now available nationwide and can be purchased in packages of five Student Editions ($29.95) or in a Next Generation Assessment Classroom Value Package ($175.00), which includes 25 Student Editions, a Teacher Edition and practice exams. Priced at less than $6 per student, schools can outfit an entire classroom for less than the cost of a few cases of printer paper. To learn more about the program and to request a free sample, visit

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