Sunday, June 29, 2014

10 Things That Stand Out Because I Joined the #NotatISTE14 Community!

I am not at ISTE2014. :(

I planned to go since my sis lives in Atlanta, but I figured the wedding of my teammate was much more important. AND, I heard ISTE2015 will be in Philadelphia next year, 30 minutes away! YEAH!

Here's the good news. Jen Wagner decided to start a #notatiste14  group. I think it evolved into much more than what was originally imagined. Over 250 people have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Our community has connected using Voxer, Google +, Twitter, any number of social media tools. Due to the resourcefulness of the members of this community, we have even connected with vendors at ISTE. We are being recognized in tweets as an official group. ISTE attendees are sharing information! This community is amazing!

1. I am not an island. There are so many out there who are looking to connect, and SHARE!

2.  One idea, (Thank you Jen Wagner), can produce amazing results!

3. There is something to be said about teamwork. There are awesome teachers behind the scenes pulling all this together. Whether it's GHO's, challenges, getting vendors to give prizes, etc..., they are getting it done.

4. People understand that sometimes things don't work out the way you planned! My big Kahoot quiz/contest was a huge bust! Instead of being upset over time wasted, everyone was so understanding!

5. Educators are THE most creative people in the world! Did you see those #notatiste14 badges?
I still have more ribbons to add thanks to the creativity of my #notatiste14 peers.

6.  This community validates what I already knew about teachers, and wish everyone else knew. We are in it for our students! I was on the computer most of the day, (Thank God for my understanding husband), along with hundreds of others, connecting. Why? So that we can take this information into our classrooms, back to our students!

7.  We do not know everything. There is always something else we can learn. Aah, the beauty of being a life-long learner! And boy, have I learned a lot from #notatiste14!

8. Teachers are not stick-in-the-mud people. We want to, and we do, have fun! The #notatiste14 challenges have added to the excitement of the group.  Craig Yen was even up for some Voxer #notatiste14 Karaoke!:) And Jen Wagner is hosting a #notatiste14 GHO Karaoke night tonight! 

9. There are 600,000 different ways to communicate via social media! Voxer, Twitter, Flipboard, Google +, a new one I learned about today,, the list is endless!

10.  I didn't have to go to ISTE. I ran into "old friends", but I have also connected with tons of new ones from the comfort of my study chair. Need. to. get.up. and. move. now.:)


  1. Hey, here's a playlist of videos I captured from the expo this year. Some pretty cool stuff. And yes, the wedding was more important. Hope to see you in Philly! ;^)

    1. Thanks for sharing your playlist Al! :) Already took a look at some of them. Looking forward to iste15!