Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Questions for a Standardized Test: Maybe Your Creators Can Answer!

  • See the picture above, that's my first question.
  • Why am I told to make anchor charts that my students use throughout the year, and then told to take them down during testing? Do you really believe that any of my anchor charts have answers on them?
  • Why are we told to use technology to enhance instruction, become paperless, etc.., and then told our kids cannot use the computers once they are finished the test? What are they going to be able to do, give another student answers?
  • Why must I force my students to sit for hours taking a test that proves...?
  • Why do my students' show growth on these tests, but are still made to feel like failures because they did not meet the "target"?
  • Who created these "targets"? What are they based on? Made a call to DOE 2 years ago, still waiting for an answer.
  • Why am I giving a Science test based on the K-5 curriculum? Seriously? Have you ever heard of the Summer Slide? Now, consider 4 years!Oh wait, I forgot, I can just review when I am not teaching the current curriculum.
  • Why is my effectiveness as an educator tied to a single test score? And now, a "target" test score!
  • Why are we forced to focus on the "maybe they might pass it" kids and give them intensive test prep, ignoring the rest?
  • Why do we hold Pep rallies in your honor?
  • Why do my kids become a statistic based on gender, race, special education, etc... because of the scores they receive?
  • How does a test score prove that my students are not learning from me?
  • Why do I let you make me feel as if I am a failure because my kids don't pass? (At times)
  • Why are you important? What do you tell me about each child, each individual, in our classroom? 
Why don't you just go away and let me teach?

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