Monday, September 23, 2013

The Happy Teacher!

Teacher Happy's Class

 I am going to share something about myself that I am not proud of. However, in the interest of this post, it has to be shared.

Many, many, years ago when I was in my 3 or 4th year of teaching, I worked with a woman who was always happy. She got on my nerves. Actually, she got on the nerves of a friend/colleague of mine as well. Oh, she was so cheery. Every day, she was sooooo cheery, we couldn't stand it!

So we came up with a plan. She taught in the grade above us, so as we set up next year's class, we placed some of the worst behaved kids in her class. She wasn't as happy after that. Years later, I have become this teacher. I now understand where she was coming from.

She didn't feel the need to be miserable with the rest of us. She didn't feel the need to be bogged down every day with the negativity the rest of us carried on our shoulders. She loved her job, her students, and had a passion for teaching which we could not understand, and thus, we became haters.

I am her now. I truly enjoy my job. And no, I am not living in some fantasy world where the students are angels, administration grants my every wish, parents are 100% supportive, and the public loves me. And yet, I am not deterred from going into work with a smile, a cheery good morning(even if the recipient does not reply), and a pretty,darn, good attitude. As I walk through the hallways, I smile and say hello to students who are not mine. I shout "Good Morning" at my students during Morning Meeting and they yell back at me. I hang out in the Teacher's Lounge with the new teacher and my peers, laughing, not over the misfortunes of others,(although we are not exempt from gossip now and again), but at our own silliness. I enjoy this feeling, and I will not part with it.

I see no point in whining and complaining all day. Do I whine at times? Yes. Do I complain once in a while? Of course! But I spend most of my days at work having a good time with my students and colleagues.

And you know what I have noticed over the years? My happiness makes my students happy. My ability to laugh, joke, and provide them with opportunities to have a good time, helps to produce students who are much more willing to learn. Happiness has its merits. :)

I wish I could find that teacher and apologize for my behavior. But knowing that I can't, I will continue being what she was, a happy teacher. :)


  1. Thank God for teachers like you!

  2. I work in a small school and am blessed to work with a great bunch of teachers. We laugh and joke and even play small (fun, not mean) pranks on each other! It's great!! I remember when I used to sub, I could tell there were groups of teachers that cliqued against each other. I always thought that was awful and would not like working at a school like that. Thankfully, I don't! We don't have the same group of teachers every year of course, nor administrators, but for the most part, we've always had a great bunch.

  3. Thank you for being a warm happy teacher. When people consider that "those who teach can't..." I laugh. I am a safe person, a confidante and a clown, but more than anything I am a teacher to all of my students.