Thursday, June 6, 2013

What is a Great Teacher?: From the Mouths of My Babes!

Their assignment: In two or three sentences, tell me what a great teacher looks like.  So, we shared a Google document, and they added their thoughts.

Of course I got "the teacher lets me go out for extra recess". I also got some the "teacher doesn't give a lot of tests or homework".  But below are a few that made me smile and/or touched my heart.

From my babies:

a teacher who takes their time to  teach and makes sure that each student understands the lesson.

a great teacher should listen to me.

I think a great teacher is someone who can teach by eye. Or someone who can recognize that you are at least trying. (Not really sure what "teaching by eye" is. )

is nice and never yells.

I think a great teacher should give no homework.Also if the students are looking out the window the teacher would say extra recess.

I think a great teacher is a teacher that can have fun and teach at the same time.

I think a great teacher is a teacher who lets us walk down the hallway by  ourselves  and lets us eat lunch outside !

I think a good teacher, is a teacher that is kind to others.

I think a great teacher is a teacher who always kind and friendly.  

And my favorite:
The kind of teacher I think a good teacher should be like is generous and not only think about themselves kind of teacher. I think that because I don’t want a teacher that does not care about me.

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  1. "Teaching by eye", seems to me like a teacher who is not afraid to make eye contact, and can tell if a student is happy/sad, getting it / not understanding, etc.... just by a look in their eyes.

    Also, a lot of teachers can only seem to pay attention to their computers, phones, ebooks, text books, notes, etc. So for them: Teach by eye! Look at the students. Both as a group and by individuals. The Great Teachers did/do!

    Think Plato, Socrates, etc. How would they have acted? Do thou the same. Except for the drinking poison part. Although, after some PTA meetings.... But wouldn't a hot bath and Brandy be cheaper?