Monday, May 27, 2013

Damult Dice!:A Math Game Everyone Will Love!

What is Damult Dice?

During  #5thchat, a  "tweecher" tweeted: 

My immediate reaction was, "What's Damult Dice?" Amy sent me all the info I needed to play this game and I was hooked. I shared it with my students the next day. I shared it with a few teachers. Yes, I was that excited about this game!

And you know what? My kids were too! They LOVED it, and did. not.want. to.stop.playing.

It's simple, yet so, so "mathtastic"! Each student gets 3 dice. They roll at the same time. Add the first two dice. Then multiply the sum by the remaining die.First one to 300, or whatever number you choose, wins! Actually they all win, because they are practicing their Math skills.  "Kill and drill" without any killing or drilling! Multiplication, addition,and critical thinking, because they want to get the most bang for their buck!

This is a great beginning, middle, and end of the year game! Use it anytime, and of course, try all the variations you can think of. I bet your students can come up with some of their own as well.

What is Damult Dice? It's a wonderful, exciting, simple, educational, Math game, that my students enjoy!


  1. Interesting game concept, and like you say, the skills are all being worked at the same time! I just followed the link from your Wordpress site :)

  2. Glad to hear your kids loved the game!